Pokémon: Trading Card Game Released

Pokémon: Trading Card Game hit the stores a day early. While all major outlets were reporting a release of the 11th, pre-orders were already being filled on April 10. Pokémon: Trading Card game is the Game Boy version of the insanely popular card game from Wizards of the Coast. The card sets availible are the Base Set and expansion sets Fossil and Jungle. In addition, there are special cards you can use only with the Game Boy. Also included in the game box is a holofoil Game Boy Promotional trading card.

In this game, there are no real Pokémon, only cards. One day you overhear someone talking about the Legendary Pokémon Trading Cards, currently being held by the four great card masters. They have announced that the one that can beat all four of them in a card duel will inherit these magnificant cards. But first, one must earn the eight badges from the various card clubs around the land. Only with all eight badges may someone challenge the masters.

Pokémon: Trading Card Game sells for $29.99. RPGamer will have coverage and a review on this latest Pokémon title shortly.

by Mikel Tidwell    
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