Nintendo hints at Final Fantasy on Dolphin

Reports from Europe have linked Final Fantasy XI with Nintendo's Dolphin console. Sound too good to be true? Well, not according to Europe's official Nintendo magazine. A news report in NOM (Nintendo Official Magazine) this month, the UK's biggest selling Nintendo magazine says that the title has a "strong possibility" of coming to Nintendo's new console.

The report states that the magazines Japanese spies have tipped them off about the title and its emergence on Nintendo's Dolphin. Nintendo fans might just be gibbering feverishly at the prospect of Final Fantasy being brought back under a Nintendo system, but this is NOT confirmed in any way. Nonetheless, coming from an "official" Nintendo magazine this news item might just be the news that Nintendo fans were looking for.

The prospect of Final Fantasy XI appearing on Nintendo's console raises many talking points. The main point would be that, given the online nature of the game, how they propose to communicate across platforms given that the title is already confirmed for the PS2 and the PC.

There were many, many stories throughout the lifetime (which has not yet ended) of the N64 about the return of Square to Nintendo, so this must also be taken with a pinch of salt. RPGamer will keep you posted on developments involving Final Fantasy XI, and will enquire about Squares future plans concerning Nintendo's next generation console at this years E3.

by John "LochNess" Hynd    
Source: [Nintendo Official Magazine]
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