Nintendo's Next Generation System Announced

   News has just come up on the news wires, that Nintendo's Next Generation System will be in close joint development with electronics giant, Matsushita. Sources indicate it is being called "Project: Dolphin" internally, and that the system will use DVD Technology as well as an IBM Power PC chip running at 400 Mhz. No release date has been announced, though the New York Times is reporting a Fall 2000 Worldwide release.

Preliminary Specs:

IBM Custom Processor (Extension of Power PC Architecture)
400MHz Clock Speed
Semiconductor Process 0.18 micron Copper Technology

Full-Custom Chip jointly designed with ArtX, Inc. in the US
200 MHz Clock Speed
Semiconductor Process 0.18 micron Embedded DRAM Technology

System Memory:
High Speed DRAM Technology
Memory Bandwidth - 3.2GB/second

Software Medium:
DVD Medium with Matsushita's DVD Technology
Enhanced Counterfeit Protection

Source: [Next Generation]

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