Dragon Quest VII/Lunar SSS Demo news and other RPG tidbits

RPGamers might get an early chance to see if Dragon Quest VII has been worth the wait. Unconfirmed reports surfaced that Quintet's Planet Laika will include a playable demo of Dragon Quest VII. Planet Laika is expected to be released in japan this summer.

Working Designs ships the Lunar SSS Demo CD to the stores on April 16th and should arrive at Electronics Boutique and Babbages on April 19th. Working Designs also announced that the final version of Lunar SSS has been submitted to SCEA for approval.

    In addition to Vandal Hearts 2 release this summer, Konami plans to release Melty Lancer The 3rd Planet for the Playstation this June. In this popular sequel Girl Battle/Simulation title, you play the role of a Galaxy Police officer, investigating crimes.

    Details of Pack In Soft's RPG, The Story of Frog surface. The storyline is about a human by means of a curse turns into a frog and then being turned back into a human by a wandering Magician, who casts a temporary spell to give you back your human form. The main character's journey then starts as he tries to free himself from the curse.

    Kodokawa Shoten is also working on a new RPG called Monster Collection that is based on a japanese card game of the same name. You play the role of a Monster Summoner battling evil wizards by summoning monsters to fight for you.

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