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Aloft Studio Provides Hazelnut Bastille News


Hazelnut Bastille

Aloft Studio has made a couple of announcements regarding its upcoming 16-bit adventure RPG Hazelnut Bastille. The first announcement is that Japanese composer Hiroki Kikuta, whose works include the score for Secret of Mana, Seiken Densetsu 3, and Koudelka, will be contributing to the game's soundtrack. He will be colaborating with previously confirmed composer Shannon Mason, who has composed 16-bit soundtracks on various other indie titles, samples of which can be found on Soundcloud.

In addition, the developer also announced that the top-down action RPG, which feature plenty of puzzles, will be coming to Nintendo Switch. The Switch version joins the PC, Mac, and Linux versions and will either be simultaneous with those versions or follow a few months after. Hazelnut Bastille is currently planned for release in mid-2019. The game follows a young woman who ventures out to the outskirts of the known land, searching for the treasures of mythological ancients.

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