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2018 Brings Changes to RPGamer



RPGamer celebrates a milestone in 2018 as it reaches its twentieth anniversary. Long-time readers will note that the site has stayed much the same for a lot of that time and has been showing its age for a few years now. However, we are aiming to change that this month with the launch of the brand-new RPGamer website. Exact timings of the launch are yet to be determined — stay tuned to our social media accounts — but we are targeting a launch prior to the reveal of our 2017 awards, which usually come towards the end of January once we have finished tabulating the staff votes and so forth.

The new website marks a complete overhaul to how everything is posted and is targetted at letting us deliver more content to our readers through more features, updates on what we've been playing, personal pieces, and more. We will be on the lookout for more volunteer writers to add to our team, so keep an eye out for details on what to do if you wish to join us soon. RPGamer has always had a dedicated staff catering to RPGs of all tastes and very much look forward to welcoming new members to the family.

With the move to a new site comes the question of what to do with all of the old content. Unfortunately, because of the way previous content was created, we have determined it's beyond our resources to convert everything over, so we are simply going to start off fresh in terms of content. We will, however, be leaving all of the old content live for readers to be able to go back and check out, and will confirm the address of this when we switch over to the new site (though we cannot promise that all links will survive intact).

We would like to thank all of our readers and volunteers over the years and are looking forward to many more in the future on our new site!

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