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Fire Emblem Echoes Getting Limited Edition


Fire Emblem Echoes

Nintendo has announced a North American Limited Edition for Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia. Additionally, a new trailer was released that gives an overview of the game's story and mechanics and new information was given for a pair of amiibo figures of the game's protagonists, Alm and Celica.

Releasing for the Nintendo 3DS on May 19, 2017, Shadows of Valentia will retail for $39.99. The Limited Edition of the game will retail for $59.99 and contain the following items along with the game:

  • Hardcover Valentia artbook
  • Shadows of Valentia sound selection CD
  • Pin Set depicting characters Alm, Celica, and Marth
  • Reversible cover sheet featuring art from Fire Emblem Gaiden

Arriving in stores on the same day as the game will be the amiibo for Alm and Celica, which will be sold as a pair for $24.99. In Shadows of Valentia, the figures can be used to activate unique dungeons for the characters, allowing players to level up further. During combat, they can be used to create a single-turn warrior mirroring the amiibo used. As that particular character becomes more powerful, its stats can be saved to the amiibo and future uses will provide a stronger warrior. These features won't only work for the Alm and Celica amiibo, but also for all previously released Fire Emblem figures and the upcoming Corrin model.

Shadows of Valentia is a remake of Fire Emblem Gaiden, marking the first time the game is available in English. It follows two armies, each led by one of the protagonists, as they fight two different conflicts across the world. New to the game will be modernized graphics, cinematics, and free-roaming 3D dungeons.


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