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Pylon: Rogue Impression - PAX East 2017


Pylon: Rogue

I got the chance to take a look at the upcoming action roguelike, Pylon: Rogue at PAX East this year. To be perfectly honest, I went in not expecting a whole lot of the game, given the overabundance of roguelike games in the indie scene. Thankfully, I came away quite impressed with what I saw.

Similar to Binding of IsaacPylon: Rogue involves going through various stages, clearing waves of enemies to move from room to room, eventually finding the exit to the next stage, with loot to be found along the way. Unlike the aforementioned title, it opts for a more tradional fantasy setting, currently featuring Ranger, Assassin, and Moneydin classes. The Assassin and Ranger classes are about what you'd expect, but the Moneydin was what really drew my attention. A melee class obsessed with money, one of his main abilities is to turn into a gold statue for a brief period, turning hits taken into money.

Pylon: Rogue Pylon: Rogue Pylon: Rogue

Like Binding of Isaac, the game is based on doing relatively short single runs, with permadeath a constant threat. Various loot is discoverable that improves the player's character in various ways, though player skill always plays a major factor in things. Pylon: Rouge has a clean look to it, with colorful locations and well animated characters and monsters. There appeared to be a wide variety of monsters to challenge and locations to battle in, with more being added as the steam early access period contiues. Thanks to the possibility of a seemingly endless number of unique runs through the game, combined with thee characters with very different playstyles, it seems like Pylon: Rogue could provide plenty of entertainment. 

Pylon: Rogue is currently available through Steam Early Access, with a full release planned during March 2017. The game is also set for release on consoles at a later date..

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