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Kickstarter Check-In: The Banner Saga 3


The Banner Saga 3

Stoic Games has announced that it is returning to Kickstarter for the third and final chapter in its series, The Banner Saga 3. After skipping Kickstarter for the second installment, Stoic is once again taking to crowd-funding for the finale of the series, looking to self-fund the entire game and include additional features currently unable to be produced on the current budget.

In The Banner Saga 3, players will again assume control of the traveling band of Vikings as they move their way across the wall of Darkness and into the unexplored lands unlike anything else seen before in the series. As the clan further delves into the deadly lands, secrets are uncovered, sanity is tested, and once strong alliances may crumble as motivations are made clear. Will the clan be able to hold together? The Banner Saga 3 will continue to examine the developing relationships between its large cast of characters.

On a gameplay front, Stoic is hoping to further refine the process of the first two games. Over forty unique characters will be available, each with their own special abilities and techniques. Each character will level up individually, but how each characters synergizes with one another on the battlefield will be of utmost importance. The tactical battles follow a standard template, with depth added by the robust roster. Characters may not stay with the caravan forever, as difficult decisions while traveling can bring new companions or make old ones leave. These decisions will ultimately decide the fate of the band.

For those who want to support the game, Stoic is asking for $20 for a digital copy. Additional digital content, such as exlusive wallpapers, in-game items, and the soundtrack, can be had at higher tiers. The Kickstarter is also offering an exclusive deal wherein any pledge can be increased by an additional $20 to digital copies of the The Banner Saga and The Banner Saga 2 using the Pledge Manager after the campaign closes on March 7, 2017.


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