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Toukiden 2 Gets More Media, Gameplay Details


Toukiden 2

Koei Tecmo released some new media and details for its upcoming release of Toukiden 2 in Japan, planned for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation Vita later this year. New characters were introduced and shown, along with some combat options available to players, both new and returning for the previous games.

Benizuki is one of the new characters introduced. She is hailed as the strongest slayers to come from Mahoroba Village, and is one of five heroes from the battle of Oomagadoki. Though she is popular and has a gentle personality, it can become darker when a certain incident comes up. The other new character is Homura. He is a wandering slayer who used to be a thief until being caught and defeated by Benizuki, who he then started following. The publisher also showed a new type of oni that debuts in the title. The Kashiri is a large, winged oni and is said to harbour a poison that can turn humans into oni.

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One of the new combat options available to players is the Demon Hand. This device is said to give a physical form to thoughts, materialising as a large hand. In addition to interacting with parts of the environment, the Demon Hand can be used to grab onto an oni, pull it down to the ground, and unleash a single, incredibly high-powered attack.

Slayers also bring their own powers into combat, most of which return from Toukiden: The Age of Demons or Toukiden Kiwami. Once a soul gauge is sufficiently filled, slayers can unleash a special attack that can instantly destroy smaller oni or a body part of large oni. Slayers can also exorcise the dead body or a removed body part of an oni, which prevents them from coming back or being regenerated. They also have the ability to see into the spirit world, which can show hidden items or how damaged an oni's body parts are.

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Another returning feature in Toukiden 2 is the Mitama. These are souls of heroes that have been captured by the oni. Once freed by defeating the oni that took them, players can attach them to their weapon. Each Mitama has its own combat style that it works best with and provide different skills; for example, defensive Mitama offer protective boosts.

Although a sequel, Toukiden 2 eschews the mission-based structure of the earlier releases in favour of an open-world approach. The game has not yet been announced for a western release. Japanese-reading RPGamers can find more details about the game on its official website.

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