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Sony Reveals Some Digital Release Dates



Sony announced a new event for its digital PlayStation Store called Launch Party. The event seeks to highlight new digital-only games being released on PlayStation systems. The initial Launch Party line-up includes six titles, all of which are available to pre-order now with a 10% discount in both North America and Europe. Two of the games featured are RPGs — Salt and Sanctuary and Stories: The Path of Destinies — with the Launch Party announcement also providing release dates for them.

Salt and Sanctuary will be the first title to be released, on PlayStation 4 on March 15, 2016, at a standard price of $17.99/£14.99/€17.99. The game is a 2D action RPG heavily influenced by the Castlevania and Souls series. A Vita version of the game is planned for a later release, which will be Cross-Buy compatible with the PlayStation 4 version.

Stories: The Path of Destinies will release on PlayStation 4 on April 12, 2016, at a standard price $14.99/£8.99/€10.99. The game is a 3D action-RPG starring a sky corsair named Reynardo. It features an evolving storyline where the player's choices and actions heavily impact its direction.

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