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Tales of Berseria Looks Deeper at its Combat and World


Tales of Berseria

Bandai Namco recently provided more details on the latest mainline Tales series title, Tales of Berseria. These details focus on the latest iteration of the series combat systems, as well as looking a bit deeper at aspects of the game's setting and introducing two more characters.

The combat system for Tales of Berseria is titled the "Liberation Linear Motion Battle System". The biggest change from previous entries is new Soul Gauge, which replaces the TP (Technical Point) or CC (Chain Capacity) systems from previous entries. The Soul Gauge features five slots, with characters able to combo up to the number of artes corresponding to how many slots are filled, with the characters starting at three slots for each battle.

The Soul Gauge uses the concept of stealing. Characters steal, or increase, Soul in a number of ways, such as knocking out an enemy, using a specific item, or picking up glowing icons on the battlefield. Soul can be decreased for characters in multiple ways too; for example, being stunned or having a status element inflicted upon them.

Players also now have full control over the camera during combat, moving it using the right analogue stick. Artes in Tales of Berseria use the four face buttons, but players can now assign multiple artes to the same button, the arte used being dependent on the status of the Soul Gauge.

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As previously detailed, Tales of Berseria is set in the vast, multiple island-spanning Midgand Empire. In the Empire, exorcists from the Abbey are sent to protect towns and village from the threat of daemons, where they are often welcomed as heroes. Humans afflicted by Daemonblight can end up going berserk, transforming into a daemon and attacking humans. However, there are those, like main protagonist Velvet, who can stay rational and have little to no change in appearance. Exorcists use the power of Malaks, spirits without an ego that can take various forms, to fight against daemons.

The two new characters introduced are Eleanor and Rokurou. Eleanor is an eighteen-year-old Exorcist and uses a spear in battle Although not short of kindness, she comes into conflict with Velvet, who is fighting against the Abbey in revenge for a past betrayal. Rokorou, meanwhile, is a twenty-two-year-old dual-blade wielder, refusing to use the large sword he carries on his back for personal reasons. He was inflicted with Daemonblight a few years prior to the game, but despite this maintains a positive outlook and offers support to both Velvet and Laphicet.

Tales of Berseria is currently being developed for PC, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4, though the PlayStation 3 version will only be available in Japan. The game is planned for release sometime in late 2016.

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