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New Info Makes Stranger of Sword City More Familiar


Stranger of Sword City

Experience Inc. has released a few more pre-launch pieces of info and a host of new screenshots for its upcoming dungeon crawler, Stranger of Sword City. Several in-game locations important to any would-be spelunker have been revealed, like the shop, a base for treating fallen comrades, and the leader's room where players can donate Blood Crystals to the Vessel of their choice.

Further, a use has been revealed for the enigmatic Butterfly Nests, which act as a sort of warp stone, letting players instantly leave the labyrinthine dungeon. Conversely, they can also be a wealth of experience points and potential items when destroyed instead.

Stranger of Sword City will be released digitally on Xbox One in North America March 22, 2016, and on PS Vita in digital and physical form in North America and Europe April 26 and 29, 2016, respectively. More updates about the game can be found on its official website.


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