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PS4 and PS Vita Go Retro with Saturday Morning RPG


Saturday Morning RPG

Those of us who grew up in the eighties are about to get two new ways to combine our love of RPGs with the Saturday morning cartoons we were raised on, because Mighty Rabbit is bringing its retro-styled Saturday Morning RPG to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. High school student Marty has received strange magical powers by an entity known only as The Wizard. Now he must fight against the evil forces of HOOD, in JRPG-style combat. Whether Marty's moonwalking, playing a game of human Pong, or employing special cartoon-inspired abilities, Saturday Morning RPG is nothing if not a throwback to a bygone era.

With more pop culture references than you can shake a Trapper Keeper at, Saturday Morning RPG's story is told across multiple episodes. To celebrate the PS4 and Vita releases, the developer has published several new screenshots, package art, and an all-new trailer, complete with inspirational rock anthem and manly voice-over. Additionally, online retailer Limited Run will have both versions of the game available for purchase on launch day, January 29, 2016. Both versions will be available with ($24.99) or without the soundtrack ($39.99), and can be picked up in two distinct waves throughout the day — for full information on the sale, check out Limited Run's website. It seems the eighties are alive and doing just fine.

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