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The White Knight Chronicles Come to a Close


White Knight Chronicles: International Edition

It was probably inevitable from the start, but bad news has come for the few fans who are still enjoying the online multiplayer gameplay of White Knight Chronicles and White Knight Chronicles II. The publishers of the two games, Sony and D3 Publisher, have announced that they will be shutting down the servers for these two games on June 18. This will apply to both the North American and European servers. After that point it will be impossible to play the multiplayer component of either game.

Even after the servers shut down, players will still be able to play through the single-player story in both games and attempt the many guild quests solo. However, guild quests are designed with multiple players in mind, and many will be nearly impossible to complete without online play. The server shutdown will also prevent people from accessing HomeTowns created by other players, though they should still be able to access their own HomeTowns.

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