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NIS America Reveals 2013 Lineup


NIS America

NIS America held an event this evening to reveal its upcoming lineup of games. All of the games revealed are for the PlayStation 3.

Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness is a direct sequel to the PlayStation 2 tactical RPG, Disgaea: Hour of Darkness, and stars Laharl, Etna, and Flonne, among new and returning character classes. The game will be released in Japan on March 20, and in North America in Fall 2013.

Time and Eternity is an original "HD animation RPG" from Imageepoch, which includes murder, time travel, and split personalities. NIS America will belocalizing both the game and the anime. This title will be launching in North America in Summer 2013.

The final game announced was The Guided Fate Paradox, which stars a man who won the lottery, which gains him an ability to changes people's destiny. This leads players to take on many roles in order to save different people. This title is already available in Japan, and is a spiritual successor to NISA's PSP title ZHP. The Guided Fate Paradox is coming to North America in Fall 2013.

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