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XSEED Reveals 2013 Lineup



While the headline title for XSEED's 2013 is Killer is Dead, an action game from Grasshopper Manufacture, the following four titles are all RPGs. These four games join Pandora's Tower in XSEED's 2013 lineup.

Coming Summer 2013 on the 3DS is Rune Factory 4. This game adds more characters to romance via your male or female playable character and keeps the Rune Factory formula of being able to craft, farm, cook, and battle monsters in between the attempts at wooing a mate.

Following that in Fall 2013 are two PlayStation Vita RPGs. Ys: Memories of Celceta from Nihon Falcom is a reimaging of Ys IV, a game never before released in North America. It once again feature Adol Christin, this time lost and amnesiac in the land of Celceta. Like Ys Seven, this title features fast-paced party combat on seemingly non-linear world map.

The second Vita title is Valhalla Knights 3 from Marvelous. This action RPG features seven races, twenty job classes, and seven-on-seven party battles. The focus here is character creation, as players can earn skill points to upgrade and unlock abilities for their main or sub jobs.

Finally, in February XSEED will be releasing a Steam port of Ys I & II Chronicles+. This is a duo pack of the first two games in the series that first introduced Adol Christin. This is not to be confused with last year's release, Ys Origin, which is a prequel to these.

UPDATE: After checking with XSEED, we received confirmation that Ys: Memories of Celceta, Valhalla Knights 3, and Rune Factory 4 (and of course Killer is Dead) will all be available as physical releases and should be up for pre-orders by this weekend on Amazon and Gamestop.

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