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Delve Into the War Logs of Mars


Mars: War Logs

Fresh information has been revealed about the upcoming action-RPG, Mars: War Logs. Developed by Spiders Games, who recently worked on Of Orcs and Men, Mars: War Logs sees players assume the role of renegade Roy Temperance in a cyberpunk setting on the titular red planet. The game takes place a century after a catastrophic event caused chaos for the planet's colonists, Mars is now home to a number of companies fighting a ceaseless war for control over the world's most precious resource, water.

Players will be able to develop Roy using a number of skills and perks, as well as equip him via the game's crafting system, as he battles against various creatures of Mars in real-time combat. It has been stated that players will be able to affect the destiny of Roy and Mars' colonies via dialogue choices and their actions throughout the game, which is due to get a digital-only release on Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network, and PC in 2013. Some screenshots and a trailer for Mars: War Logs have been also been released, which can be viewed below.

To view more screenshots, click here.

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Mars War Logs
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