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Gungnir Will Soon be in 3D


Gungnir 3D

Atlus recently announced that Gungnir, the fourth main game in the Dept. Heaven series, will receive a Nintendo 3DS port. The game will reportedly be largely identical to the original PlayStation Portable version, although the graphics will be rendered in stereoscopic 3D and will also make use of both screens. The game will be out in Japan in late summer.

Shinichi Ito, producer of Gungnir, admitted that the port isn't much of an improvement over the original, but claimed that it seemed appropriate. He stated how the other games in the series, Riviera: The Promised Land, Yggdra Union: We'll Never Fight Alone, and Knights in the Nightmare were on other systems before being given enhanced ports on the PSP. As Ito put it, "It felt odd to have Gungnir on the PSP from the start. By porting it to the 3DS, it feels more natural, if a bit backwards from the previous games."

Gungnir, for the PSP, will be released in North America on June 12 of this year. It is not known if the 3DS port will also be released.

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