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XSEED Unchains Some Blades


Unchained Blades

XSEED Games has announced that it will be releasing the dungeon-crawling RPG Unchained Blades to North America. It will be released on both the Nintendo 3DS and the PlayStation Portable this year, though only in downloadable digital form. So far, XSEED hasn't released a specific release date or a price for either version.

Unchained Blades, which was called UnchainBlades ReXX when it was first released in Japan last summer, tells the story of the Dragon Emperor, Fang, who has been cursed with human form after challenging a goddess. He is joined in his quest for revenge by a cast of monstrous allies. The game features both traditional dungeon crawling in the vein of the Wizardry and Etrian Odyssey series and an "Unchain" system that lets the player recruit monsters so they can be used to support the main members of the team.

More screens can be found in our gallery.

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