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Final Fantasy XIII-2 Asks to Pick Heads or Tails


Final Fantasy XIII-2

The latest downloadable episode for Final Fantasy XIII-2 will be available Tuesday, February 28 via Xbox LIVE Marketplace and the PlayStation Network in North America. It will be available in Europe concurrently for the Xbox 360, and on February 29 for the PlayStation 3. It will cost 400 Microsoft Points and $4.99( 2.99/3.59) respectively.

Titled Sazh: Heads or Tails?, this episode allows players to control the title characters in a quest that occurs at the same time as the main game's story. Once completed, Sazh can be added to the player's party. In addition, the DLC contains two new card games, Chronobind and Poker, for the Serendipity Casino. Two new outfits, Spacetime Guardian for Noel and Beachwear for Serah, will also be made downloadable on the 28th for 240 Microsoft Points on Xbox LIVE and $2.99 on PSN.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 was released on January 31, 2012 in North America and February 3, 2012 in Europe for the PS3 and Xbox 360. Staff member Adriaan den Ouden's review of the game can be read here.

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Final Fantasy XIII-2
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