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Nintendo of Europe on Fire in 2012


Fire Emblem 3DS

During the Nintendo Direct presentation in Japan, Iwata highlighted the latest Fire Emblem for 3DS, coming to Japan on April 19, 2012. More details about the Japanese version can be seen on the game's official site. While Nintendo of Europe has yet to issue an official press release about the game, NoE's twitter account posted the following "A new Fire Emblem game coming to Europe in 2012, with downloadable content" following the release of a subtitled version of Iwata's talk.

The subtitled video, which can be viewed here, states "The next Fire Emblem (tent.) will be coming to Europe in 2012." Despite this, the game was not listed on Nintendo of Europe's Q2 2012 upcoming games, nor was it mentioned during Nintendo of America's Direct presentation.

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Fire Emblem 3DS
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