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Fire Emblem 3DS Debuts DLC for Nintendo


Fire Emblem 3DS

At a recent Nintendo conference, it was announced that the company will begin to support the inclusion of paid downloadable content on Nintendo systems. The first game to contain this content will be the upcoming Fire Emblem game for the system. Fire Emblem 3DS has not yet been announced for North American release, so it is uncertain what the implications for paid DLC are on this continent. Nintendo has plans for more DLC-bearing games over the summer, however, so we're likely to see it here sooner or later.

The conference also included the release of a new trailer for Fire Emblem 3DS, which provided several new pieces of information. The game's Japanese title will be Fire Emblem: Kakusai, which translates to "Awakening." It will be released in Japan on April 19, and features voice acting during the battle sequences, meaning that every character will be voiced. In addition, there will be a world map that allows players to engage in optional battles and the skill system is more flexible than it has been in previous Fire Emblem games.

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