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Ignition Bewitches the West With Luminous Arc 3


Luminous Arc 3

Ignition Entertainment has revealed that they will publish Luminous Arc 3: Eyes for the Nintendo DS in North America. As with the previous game, the "Eyes" subtitle will be dropped for the North American release. Ignition has also stated that voice chat will be enabled during Wi-Fi battles, unlike the original Japanese version or English versions of the other Luminous Arc games.

Luminous Arc 3 follows the story of a boy named Refi, who has enrolled at a school for Magi Knights after his friend was killed by a fairy-like monster called a Felicia. There is currently a war between humans and Felicia over "Eyes," which grant magic powers. The dating sim elements are more elaborate than in previous Luminous Arc titles, and the game has multiple endings. Luminous Arc 3 will be released this Fall in North America.

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Luminous Arc 3: Eyes
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