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Final Fantasy Type-0 Info Finally Revealed


Final Fantasy Type-0

Dengeki PlayStation has recently revealed some meaty details about Final Fantasy Type-0, formerly Final Fantasy Agito XIII, for the PSP. Type-0's battle system will involve choosing a party of three characters, and success in the battle system will depend on switching control of the characters. The four face buttons will correspond to battle abilities, and using them will build up an Ability Gauge, which presumably will allow the player to do something powerful when filled.

Dengeki was able to talk about three of the game's main characters: Ace, Nine, and Queen. Ace will use cards (sense a theme?) in battle. He'll have attack cards as well as support and healing cards. Nine will use a lance, which he can swing around or use to make a jump attack like a Dragoon. Queen will use a sword and is a close-range battle specialist. One of her special attacks is called "Cross" and both damages enemies and heals allies.

All of these characters are students in a magic school who become embroiled in a multinational conflict. Not everyone they meet will be hostile, however, as the Dengeki article reveals that some enemies will flee, or even surrender and offer information to the party. We're due for more Type-0 information later this week, as Famitsu will have a spread on the game, but in the meantime more screens can be seen in this gallery.

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Final Fantasy Agito XIII
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