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RPGs Raise Money for Charity



In the wake of the destruction of the recent tsunami in Japan, several RPG companies are stepping up to lend their assistance and raise funds to help the victims of the disaster. Unfortunately, some of these efforts will only be of interest to Japanese gamers and importers, but every little bit will help.

Square Enix has already donated 100 million yen (about 1.2 million dollars) from its company funds to help with the relief effort, and has been attempting to gather even more money in the form of individual donations from its employees worldwide. In addition, it has been trying to raise money for charity through its various entertainment services, including the Square Enix Crysta billing system used for many of its online games, such as Final Fantasy XIV. More details will be posted here when these plans are finalized.

As RPGamer previously reported, Aksys Games is donating the proceeds from its online store to charity. This will only last until March 24, so anyone who wants to donate in this manner should do so quickly.

Japanese developer Imageepoch will be joining in the relief effort with the upcoming Japanese release of Final Promise Story. Imageepoch will donate 500 to the relief effort for every purchase of the downloadable version of that game.

Nippon Ichi Software will be raising funds for the relief effort through DLC for Disgaea 4. All the proceeds from the downloadable Asagi character through June 30 will go to charity.

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