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The Arrival is Imminent


Mass Effect 2

BioWare has been teasing fans about something related to Mass Effect for a while, and now they have finally provided some real information. BioWare will be releasing "Mass Effect: Arrival," a final DLC chapter for Mass Effect 2. "Arrival" will send Shepard and his allies on a mission to uncover evidence that the Reapers, the force that has threatened the galaxy since the original Mass Effect, are drawing near. The only other thing BioWare revealed about this chapter is that the character Admiral Hackett will play a prominent role in its story.

"Mass Effect: Arrival" will be available for download on the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live on March 29. PC users will be able to download it from BioWare's DLC site at that time. It will cost 560 Microsoft Points, 560 BioWare Points, or $6.99, depending on platform. It will also make new achievements and trophies available for those who enjoy collecting them.

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Mass Effect 2
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