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Two White Knights Charging into English Regions


White Knight

PlayStation.Blog has confirmed that the PlayStation 3 sequel White Knight Chronicles II will be riding into English regions soon. While no date was given at this time for Level-5's newest PS3 title, we did receive some details about changes from the original. This release touts a "fully redesigned, dynamic" battle system complete with new attack strategies and combos. Online play will now allow for six players for co-op questing and free world roaming. Other online features include the return of the Georama system and chat via keyboard or voice. In Japan, White Knight Chronicles II requires the original be completed in order to play it and even included the first game with it, but there is no word yet on whether this version has the same requirements and addition.

While PlayStation 3 owners will be glad to finally finish the story cut off at the end of the first game, PlayStation Portable fans will get a look at the world of White Knight Chronicles 10,000 years ago. The PSP release White Knight Chronicles: Origins is developed by Matrix Software, developer of the DS versions of Final Fantasy III and Final Fantasy IV. This portable title includes a single-player campaign and 4-player online coop with trading of quests and avatars. No release date was given for this game either, but more information was promised soon.

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