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Okamiden Fetches a Demo and More Videos



Capcom has just announced that a demo of Okamiden has been made available on the Nintendo Channel. It will be up for an unspecified but limited amount of time, so interested gamers shouldn't dawdle.

Of course, there are also new weekly character trailers to enjoy. This set of trailers is concerned with a side plot involving some demonic chefs and their jealousy of one of their human counterparts. Here are the trailers, along with their character descriptions from the press release. We recommend watching the videos full-screen in order to clearly see what's going on.

Umami and Aji - Umami and Aji are two cooks who prepare meals for Orochi. They were considered to be without peers in the demon world, but now their status as master chefs has come under threat from the humans. Sweet (Tsumami) has imbued her dishes with a secret liquid of her own concoction. What effect this has on the food it is prepared with is unknown as Orochi is the only one who has tasted its culinary goodness.

Charity (featured with Umami) - Charity is Manpuku's mother. After vigorously studying the art of cooking for Manpuku, she is now able to create the finest dishes out of the simplest of weeds. However, it is because of this skill that she is sought after by Orochi and is kidnapped by the demons.

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