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PSP Strategy Title Gungnir Unveiled



The latest issue of Famitsu has revealed information on the next game in Sting and Atlusís unique Dept. Heaven series. Like previous entries Yggdra Union and Knights in the Nightmare, it will be a strategy RPG.

In Gungnir, the empire of Gargandia is currently engrossed in a civil war between the ruling race, the Dartania and the poorer race the Leonica. The character Julio Ragwell, a member of the latter race, saves a Dartanian girl by the name of Alissa and asks her to join his resistance force, as she was about to be sold to a different country. Julio has been in the resistance force called Esperanza since he was young, and he owns the titular spear the Gungnir, said to have the god of war within. Also revealed were the characters Elise, a mysterious girl who claims she is a messenger of the gods and Ragnus Ragwell, head of the resistance and Julioís step brother.

Famitsu stated that Gungnirís gameplay will be more conventional than its previous title Knights in the Nightmare, though there will be some new aspects as well. How exactly the gameplay will pan out has yet to be fully unveiled, but Famitsu did mention two systems: tactics gauge and act sequence. The former will be a key to battles, and is a gauge on the left side of the screen. The latter shows your battle order, in the form of a bar at the bottom of the screen.

More detailed gameplay was promised for future updates. Gungnir will hit the PSP on May 19 in Japan.

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