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Risen 2: Dark Waters Officially Announced


Risen 2: Dark Waters

Earlier this week, Deep Silver and Piranha Bytes officially unveiled the followup to Risen, Risen 2: Dark Waters. The game is set several years after the end of the original, where the titans have devastated the world and monsters have stopped nearly all seafaring. Players take on the role of a member of the Inquisition, whose goal is to find out how to stop these rampaging beasts. Players will soon discover that pirates found near a southern island seem to know of a way to be rid of these monsters.

Aside from a new story and expanded locales, Deep Silver has promised choices made in-game that will affect new story paths, features, and character skills. There will also be a full day-and-night cycle affecting various aspects of the game. Risen 2: Dark Waters will be available for the PC and consoles at an unspecified date.

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Risen 2: Dark Waters
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