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Combat Details for Faxion Online Released


Faxion Online

Developer and publisher of the upcoming MMORPG, Faxion Online, UTV True Games, has released some information on the gameís battle system, namely, visual cues and intuitive effects during combat. The main cues concern the color of the text scrolling above a characterís head. White is for normal attacks, special attacks are in yellow, attack spells are green, healing in blue, and critical hits in red, accompanied by the playerís screen flashing.

There will also be iconic clues for status as well, including those for regeneration, buffs, debuffs, and other status effects and problems. Typically, the more severe an effect is, the stronger the notification will be. Blocking attacks will also involve throwing off sparks associated with its element. Last mentioned is a combat log which scrolls and will allow players to accurately track what they are doing.

According to Frank Lucero, the Studio Head at UTV True Games, this system will make fighting more intuitive and easier for players to react appropriately to their status, and thus better perform in battle. Faxion Online currently has no release date, and is in closed beta.

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