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Dragon Age II Demo Launches Today


Dragon Age II

The Dragon Age II demo is now available from the official Dragon Age II webpage. It's also up on the Xbox 360 (for Gold members only), and will be available on the PlayStation Network for the PS3 between 4-6pm PST. The demo allows players to experience the game's prologue, class selection, and a taste of Kirkwall, the main city in the game. They'll even meet Isabella, one of the love interests available to the player.

All players who complete the demo before May 31 will unlock a special sword they can use in the final game. If a million players download the demo before the game's March 1 launch date, BioWare will unlock two more in-game items. Both items are books of lore, one of which gives the player money when it's read, and the other gives an experience boost. Players must be logged into their BioWare account while playing the demo in order to receive credit for the unlockable items.

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Dragon Age II
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