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Okamiden Has Buddies and Baddies



Capcom has announced that it will be releasing mini-trailers every week in anticipation of the March 15 release of Okamiden. This first set of trailers introduces four minor characters from the game. Here are their trailers, along with their character descriptions from the press release. We recommend watching the videos full-screen in order to clearly see what's going on.

Shiranui The grandfather of Chibiterasu, an incarnation of Amaterasu, the sun-god-turned-wolf in Ōkami.

Isshaku The grandfather of Issun, he played a big role in expelling Orochi over 100 years ago. Once the companion of Shiranui (the incarnation of Amaterasu at that time), he watched helplessly as Shiranui sacrificed himself for the sake of Nippon.

Shakuya The spirit of the sacred tree, Konohana, watches over Kamiki Village. She gives advice to Chibiterasu in an effort to save Nippon from the evil that has attacked the land once more.

Ryo This demon is the sum of all those who lusted after worldly pelf. At some point this demon traded the pursuit of riches for human souls. He is always calculating the best ways of luring new souls to his clutches, and will use any means he can to obtain them including lending out souls in order to collect a fatally high interest.

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