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Trails in the Sky Limited Edition Busting at the Seams


The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky

The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky is coming to North American PlayStation Portables this March via XSEED Games. Today, the company has revealed a special Limited Edition set for the first game in the trilogy. The edition will contain a soundtrack CD, a 13in by 19.5in poster, and a replica Bracer Guild badge, all for $39.99. A standard version and digital download will also be available, each for $29.99.

"The support we've seen from fans throughout the first three titles stemming from our partnership with Nihon Falcom has been extremely rewarding," said XSEED Games President Jun Iwasaki. "The Legend of Heroes has proven our greatest undertaking yet, and we look forward to bringing this series to North American fans, offering our appreciation for fans' response with this special limited edition the ultimate version for any fan awaiting The Legend of Heroes' arrival."

Trails in the Sky marks the beginning of a standalone trilogy from Falcom. This game boasts over fifty hours of gameplay, a highly customizable combat system, and a fantasy story riddled with politics, economics, and conspiracies. The game even features an in-game newspaper that releases new issues as the story progresses and an 11-part mystery novel.

The prior three games were heavily modified ports by Japanese developer MiCROViSion that were localized by Namco Bandai. Unlike prior Legend of Heroes games found on the PSP, Trails in the Sky was developed completely by series creator Nihon Falcom and is being localized by XSEED Games. RPGamer has an interview scheduled for later this month.

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