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Nomura Talks FF Versus XIII, Explains Trailer


Final Fantasy Versus XIII

Square Enix has now made the HD version of its latest Final Fantasy Versus XIII trailer available on its official website. Since director Tetsuya Nomura wasn't at the press showing of the trailer earlier this month, he's commented on its content in several interviews with the Japanese press. Here is more information on the game and its trailer, courtesy of Nomura:


  • Prince Noctis, the game's main character, is strong physically, but also boasts a secret power that's possessed by all members of the royal family. He can be seen unleashing this power in an early Dengeki trailer of the game.

  • Noctis appears to be a bit of a rebel, being quoted as saying, "Fools set the rules in this world. Just take a look around. It's undeniable."

  • Noctis travels with a group of friends who have been seen doing an Ocean's Eleven-style cool guy walk. Noctis is their leader because he is royalty, but they have a casual relationship with him and aren't afraid to tease or criticise him.

  • The game's main female protagonist is named Stella. The armoured woman who appears late in the trailer is not Stella, but an enemy dragon knight.

    Combat System:

  • The combat system is party based, with a maximum party size of three. The party composition will be decided for the player at the beginning, but later on, characters can be swapped into and out of the party at will.

  • Different characters have different attack capabilities and different flavours. Only Noctis can use all the possible weapons in the game. Other characters are specialists, such as a gun specialist who is the only character who can enter a third person aiming mode while using guns. All the characters can use magic, but the effects differ. Noctis' magic comes from his sword, but another character simply lights things on fire.

  • The party will be able to steal tanks and other armoured vehicles from the army for their own use. They will also be able to ride cars, air ships, and of course Chocobos.

  • The battle interface shown in the trailer is an early version, and the development team is currently focusing on combat system and interface improvements.

  • The team has implemented many real-time events that happen in the world around the player, such as a giant beast suddenly attacking the group as it crosses a bridge, or a plane crashing into the road. If the event leads to combat, it will be a seamless transition.

    What's Next?

    When asked about the game's target release date, Nomura was coy. He joked that players shouldn't worry about Versus XIII for now, with all the other Final Fantasy games releasing this year. Development will take some time longer, due to the "incredible things" the team is trying to complete for the game, and we should expect our next update at E3 at the earliest.

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