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Kitase and Tabata Detail Final Fantasy Type-0


Final Fantasy Type-0

In this week's Dengeki PlayStation, Final Fantasy Type-0 details were provided by director Hajime Tabata and producer Yoshinori Kitase. Firstly, two of Type-0's main characters were introduced, Machina and Rem. The only detail aside from their names is this nebulous quote: "It was their destiny, and theirs alone to decide. Free from fear of fate, gazing undaunted into the eye of death." According to Kitase and Tabata, this quote attempts to accentuate the mystery surrounding Type-0 and its new content that accompanies the name change.

Originally known as Final Fantasy Agito XIII, the name was changed to Final Fantasy Type-0 after its five-year development time following the original announcement at 2006's E3. Unlike the other titles in Fabula Nova Crystallis, Type-0's play style expresses a multiplayer experience that will allow players to experience a realistic war. Tabata states that the multiplayer is built into the game's basic design, and the name Type-0 was to "indicate a separate genealogy of Final Fantasy games." Even though the XIII has been removed from it's name, Type-0 will continue to explore the Fabula Nova Crystallis mythology.

Final Fantasy Type-0's story begins with an invasion of the main character's country by the neighbouring Milites Empire. Not much else is known about the plot , other than its characters being students of a magic school trained in the protection of the nation's crystals. There are a total of fourteen playable characters, including twelve from the magic school.

The basic framework of the game has players receiving orders from the military, and from the game's world map, players will be assigned to different battle fields dictated by the request. Although there are fourteen playable characters, only three can be used in combat at one time, although multiplayer can be considered during battles. Players do not have to play the game with others, as the single player is equally robust as the multiplayer option. Tabata has stressed, however, that the game is not to continuously be played in the multiplayer mode, indeed only being available as brief three-minute intervals. In other words, players can request aid from the multiplayer component if death is looming, but cannot rely upon it at length. Not much else is known about the game's battle system at this time, but Tabata and Kitase have stated more details will follow in the following weeks.

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