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Pokémon Get Hit on Head, See Triple


Pokémon Black and White

With just over a month remaining until North America is gripped with an epidemic of Pokéfever, more information is coming out about the upcoming games. Pokémon Black and White contain a number of new systems, and Nintendo is currently highlighting the triple battle system and multiplayer battle modes.

Triple battles, which can be found both in the single player game and as a multiplyer option, involve a bit more than just throwing groups of three Pokémon against each other. Pokémon will only be able to attack certain opposing Pokémon, depending on their placement. For example, as stated in the press release, "a Pokémon in the center of a player’s lineup can attack any of its three opponents. However, a Pokémon positioned on the left or right of the formation can only attack the Pokémon in the middle of the opposing lineup, or directly in front of it." This adds a bit more strategy to triple battles, which could prove to be popular amongst competitive battlers.

As for the new multiplayer settings, connecting with others to "show them your Pokey-mans" will be easier than it's ever been. Players can enter multiplayer mode from anywhere in the game using a new "C-gear" object, saving them the walk to the nearest Pokémon center. Connecting to nearby friends via the system's IR connection allows players to exchange friend codes with a tap of the stylus, rather than requiring them to enter the numbers manually. Players battling via Wi-fi can choose to have a random battle, which will connect them with a stranger without the need for friend codes at all. Meeting up with a specific person on Wi-fi appears to still require manual friend code input.

Here's a short trailer showing off these new features:

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Pokémon Black/White
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