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Recettear Sells 100,000 Copies, Carpe Fulgur Announces Chantelise



Over at Carpe Fulgur's blog, founder Andrew Dice announced the sales for Recettear. Since its release the game has sold over 100,000 copies. This was especially helpful during the holidays with the success of the Indie Story pack that had been sold on Steam. For more information about what this means for Carpe Fulgur in the new year, RPGamers are encouraged to check out Andrew Dice's blog.

Second, with massive success in sales for Recettear, Carpe Fulgur is pleased to announce that they will be localizing EasyGameStation's 2006 title Chantelise. Chantelise is an action RPG that features high resolution sprites, and fast paced combat.

Chantelise follows the tale of two sisters, Chante and Elise. Warned by their mother to never venture outside during a red moon, Chante disobeys and goes outside while the moon is at its reddest. Elise, worried about her sister, follows her. The next morning, the two awaken in the middle of the forest, with Chante transformed into a fairy. It is up to Elise to transform her sister back into her original form, but it requires finding the witch who cursed her. Carpe Fulgur has not yet announced a release date, but the game is said to release sometime in 2011.

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