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Level 5 Reveals New Details for White Knight Chronicles 2


White Knight Chronicles 2

Level 5 has announced two new characters from White Knight Chronicles 2: Miu and Scardyne. Along with the announcement the company has also revealed new details about the battle system.

Miu is a 15 year old Forian who loves to fight. She is also the granddaughter of former Foria leader Duke Durham. After Duke Durham's death a major internal disruption in Foria put her life in grave danger. Scardyne is a Forian general who leads Miu to safety following the chaos in Foria. It's during thier escape from Foria that the two meet up with Leonard's party and they all end up traveling together.

New improvements are being made to the battle system which include new visual effects to attacks, a greater sense of speed thanks to an updated action gauge, and new commands such as dash and charge. Level 5 is also adding "Live Talk," which will allow your characters to automatically make comments depending on the situations in battle.

White Knight Chronicles 2 is scheduled for a summer 2010 release in Japan. A North American release date has yet to be announced.

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White Knight Chronicles 2
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