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Wii Monster Hunters Gear Up in April


Monster Hunter Tri

Nintendo and Capcom have provided a solid release date for the Nintendo Wii's upcoming Monster Hunter Tri. North American RPGamers will be able to pop the game into their Wiis on April 20, 2010.

The Monster Hunter series sends players on many different types of quests, from hunting wyverns to gathering mushrooms, all which yield valuable materials for upgrading massive amounts of equipment and weaponry. Monster Hunter Tri is the first of the series to hit the Nintendo Wii, and will feature online play at no additional cost. In Japan, the series is so popular that Monster Hunter Tri could only be played online after paying a subscription fee.

The game will also support use of online voice chat using the Wii Speak microphone. Monster Hunter Tri will be sold with the new Classic Controller Pro for $59.99, and without for $49.99.

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Monster Hunter Tri
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