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Ragnarok DS Goes Gold. Wins Oscar Nomination.


Ragnarok DS

XSEED Games has announced that its upcoming multi-player RPG Ragnarok DS has gone gold. The game will be shipping to stores on February 16 for the retail price of $34.99.

Ragnarok DS offers newcomers and players of the original MMORPG the chance in Ragnarok Online to take their adventures wherever they go. The game offers various character classes, as well as the chance for two friends to team up and tackle the Mirage Tower, which is over fifty floors with randomly generated dungeons, via Nintendo DS Wi-Fi. By tackling this dungeon with friends, it will give players the chance to find rare items that cannot be obtained anywhere else.

Those preordering for Amazon, GameStop, Game Crazy, and EB Games will all receive the "Ragnarok Online Prepared for Adventure Pack." This package contains four exclusive accessories to customize online avatars. In addition, a second pre-order package is being offered for those who pre-ordered in stores, titled "Ragnarok Online Setting Out On My Journey Pack," containing three exclusive items.

For more information about Ragnarok DS, check out XSEED's official website. Also check out RPGamer's hands on impression from our Run to the Sun 2009 Event.

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Ragnarok DS
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