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Famitsu Predicts Dragon Quest IX Sales


Dragon Quest IX

Weekly Famitsu is one of the top video-game magazines in Japan. Read each week by hundreds of thousands of people, Famitsu and its spin-offs have gained a lot of clout over the years worldwide.

Famitsu Editor-in-Chief Hirokazu Hamamura has made his sales prediction for the Nintendo DS's upcoming Dragon Quest IX, which has a Japanese release date of March 28, 2009. Considering how Dragon Quest VIII for the PlayStation 2 sold over three million copies, and how even side-stories such as Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker have sold over one million, Hamamura believes that Dragon Quest IX will raise the stakes and sell at least four to five million copies in Japan alone. He states that Dragon Quest IX's launch month will be "bigger than the year-end sales war," and that Nintendo DSi sales will also benefit greatly from the release of the game.

In Japan, the Nintendo DS has currently sold an amount equal to around one fifth of the entire population. This, along with the fact that Dragon Quest is a Japanese national phenomenon, could prove Hamamura's predictions to be right on the mark.

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Dragon Quest IX: Defender of the Stars
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