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Loads of News from Atlus



Atlus has announced several details on three of their upcoming games. The games are Etrian Odyssey II: Heroes of Lagaard, Spectral Force 3, and Operation Darkness.

For the Nintendo DS and now officially for North American audiences, Atlus' old school dungeon RPG returns with a sequel. Etrian Odyssey II: Heroes of Lagaard takes place in the Grand Duchy of High Lagaard where rumors tell of a castle in the sky from which the Duke was descended from. But when a sudden crisis falls upon the nation the Duke has decreed that the first explorer to bring back the Grail of Kings from the floating palace above will be rewarded handsomely in fame and riches.

Etrian Odyssey II will be released on June 17. The game boasts an adventurous storyline with 12 different classes, enhanced mapping capabilities using the touch screen to map out areas you explore, and over 100 side-quests. With more spells and Force Skills, there is an endless amount of party customization available.

On May 27, RPGamers can look forward to Spectral Force 3, the first strategy RPG to bless the Xbox 360. Upon announcing the release date, Atlus also launched the game's official website. Much of the site is still under construction, but viewers can watch the trailer and find out about the game's storyline.

Spectral Force 3 takes place during the Neverland war. Players will create a mercenary force from 40 different characters unique with their own special attacks. The game also features 100 missions to complete and an item crafting system.

Besides Spectral Force 3, Atlus has also launched the website for its second strategy RPG, Operation Darkness. Announced for the Xbox 360, Operation Darkness mixes history and fantasy, taking place during World War II. The website features information on the game's characters and gameplay systems, including info on a 4 player co-op mode. Unfortunately, screenshots and game videos are still under construction. RPGamers can look forward to doing battle against Hitler on June 24.

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