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Summon Night: Twin Age Headed For North America


Summon Night: Twin Age

Atlus U.S.A., Inc. has announced that the latest entry in the Summon Night saga is headed to the shores of North America. Summon Night: Twin Age will be released for the Nintendo DS on May 20, and will be an action RPG controlled by the stylus.

Summon Night: Twin Age will feature multiple story paths, and endings, additional New Game+ content, and a fully functional stylus-based interface. Also available will be a wide variety of items, weapons, skills and the ability to build relationships with party members.

The story will follow the human girl Reiha, a prodigy of summon magic, and the Summon Beast Aldo, who was pulled into the human world during a summoning accident caused by the budding powers of Reiha. After growing up as brother and sister, the two investigate reports of strange spirit behavior, which will lead them to where they were first brought together.

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Summon Night: Twin Age
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