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Wild ARMs XF North American Release Date Announced


Wild ARMs FX

XSEED Games has revealed that Wild ARMs XF (pronounced “Crossfire”) will be released March 11, 2008 exclusively on the PSP. This installment to the Wild ARMs franchise marks the first time the series has appeared on a handheld system, as well as the first time it has utilized tactical gameplay.

As a result of a catastrophic event, the once vibrant world of Filgaia is slowly dying, and former nations are now caught up in endless wars fighting over Filgaia’s limited natural resources. In the midst of this chaos, the kingdom of Elesius manages to avoid the carnage and suffering of its neighbors, but is thrown into social dismay when its king becomes infected with a mysterious illness and the only heir to the throne is presumed dead, having disappeared a year earlier. Set against this political backdrop, players take on the role of Clarissa Arwin, accompanied by her half-brother and protector, Felius, fixed on tracking down the man who murdered Clarissa's mother, Rupert Dandridge. What began as a quest for revenge soon turns into an epic battle to not only keep Elesius from crumbling, but to save Filgaia from being turned into an uninhabitable wasteland.

Wild ARMs XF features include: an original hex-based battle grid system, which allows for more tactical positioning options, such as Formation Arts and Combination Arts, as opposed to the traditional square-based battle grid; over 60 stages with a wide variety of mission objectives, as well as several optional battles; almost endless party customization with over 20 unique job classes such as Berserker, Elementalist, Grappler, Geomancer, and Sacred Slayer; and an extensive material creation system to create more powerful weapons, spell books, and armor by combining rare materials obtained by sending out hired mercenaries to search throughout the areas of Filgaia. Moreover, exclusive to North American copies, there will be a Music Library containing 20 select tracks from the game’s original score accessible any time through the game menu.

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