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Mazes of Fate Finds Way to DS


Mazes of Fate DS

Graffiti Entertainment has announced that they will be bringing Sabarasa Entertainment's dungeon crawling RPG, Mazes of Fate to the Nintendo DS. This game originally saw the light day on the Game Boy Advance, but is now being remade to make full use of the power of the DS.

Taking place in the world of Akhiel, players will have to deal with the angered ancient gods that are throwing Akhiel into chaos. In order to redeem humanity, a hero must come forth and fulfill a pact with the gods--who wish to replace mankind with a less troublesome race.

Mazes of Fate is a first-person RPG that features 3D "free-look" and movement complete with stylus control. All monsters, items, and locations are now animated in 3D. Quests have been reimagined for the DS, including improved dungeons, five secondary party members, and new player avatars including the option of creating a custom character. Gamers will be able to customize this character with a variety of skills and magic throughout the game's five chapters.

Mazes of Fate boasts around twenty hours of gameplay, fifty levels, and five language options including English, French, Spanish, German, and Italian. RPGamers can look for Mazes of Fate to hit stores in North America on Feb. 26, 2008.

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Mazes of Fate DS | Mazes of Fate DS
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