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The Sweet Sound of Swords Arrives Shortly


Rondo of Swords

Atlus announced today the localization of the DS strategy RPG, title Rondo of Swords, better known in Japan as Itsuwari no Rinbukyoku. Set for release in North America on April 15, this title has not been rated by the ESRB at this time, nor has it been given a suggested retail price.

Players take up sword in the role of Serdic, who was originally the body double for the Prince of the same name, before he was killed. Now Serdic must do his best to regain the throne from the Grand Meir Empire, which used the King's dying as an opportunity to overthrow Bretwalde.

Rondo of Swords allows players to basically create their own stories as decisions they make throughout will change the outcome of the game. Players may also send not-in-use party members on errands or quests to build up character levels.

Players can use skill points earned during the game to not only purchase new skills, but also to strengthen the ones they already have. This will allow players the luxury of being able to create their own skill sets at the power level that they feel they should have for a particular character.

The game's battle system utilizes what is labeled the "Route Maneuver System," which allows players to set a character's course through an area. If an enemy counter-attacks or blocks an attack, however, the character's advance will be stopped, though through this system, players can attack multiple enemies in one swift move. Players can't set a character's path to double back or cross over itself, so they need to plan routes ahead of time.

This title has quite a few features not listed above, which can be viewed from Rondo of Sword's official site. For future details on this title, stay tuned to RPGamer.

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Rondo of Swords
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