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New Wild ARMs XF Details Revealed


Wild ARMs XF

As Wild ARMs XF draws closer to its March release in North America, more details have become available. Filgaia now has more heroes, villains, and jobs classes.

The first new job is the Geomancer class. This class has the ability to manipulate elemental properties, view ley points (elemental hexes), and affect character positions. These units are not affected by the movement cost associated with different land types. Next, is the Excavator class. This job specializes in finding hidden items making them a valuable asset. Finally, there is the Emulator class. This class can take on enemy skills and has abilities that help to reduce the high MP cost required of these skills.

Like most tactical RPGs, Wild ARMs XF is broken down into missions, each of which has a specific objective. Some examples of victory conditions include rescuing a group of villagers without being spotted by enemy forces, defeating all enemies, and reducing all enemies to HP 20% or less without killing any of them.

Wild ARMs XF is not without its fair share of characters. Clarissa Arwin and Felius Arwin meets up after a few unexpected turn of events and venture off into a world of political upheaval. They are joined on this journey by Labyrinthia Wordsworth, a teacher of the royal family; Levin Brenton, a student of Labyrinthia and descendant of the royal line; and Ragnar Blitz Lebrett, a rough mercenary with a gentlemanly air.

These heroes find themselves in the middle of a power struggle involving the Kingdom of Elesius's Council of Elder Statesmen. Council's members Charlton Blunt, a minor noble from a hated house and Edna Warren, the kingdom's religious leader are a major source of the political turmoil against King Hrathnir Kaiser Elesius and his loyal captain Eisen Brenton. The Council has employed various vicious characters such as swordsman Rupert Dandridge, head of the Council's Martial Guard and Weisheit, the "Death Merchant" and creator of lethal weapons.

Wild ARMs XF, being localized and published by XSEED Games, has yet to be rated by the ESRB. RPGamer should have a hands-on impression coming in February.

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