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Most Extreme Fire Emblem Contest Winners


Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn

The Most Extreme Fire Emblem Contest, has come to an end. Though the judging was close, two winners have been selected.

First place goes to Nathan B. of Morrisville, NC with the following entry:

Fire Emblem does get pretty intense (and that's why I love it!). I would have to say that my most heart-pounding and immersive experience with the series to date would be in the final battle of Path of Radiance. Although it may have grown slightly in my memory since I played it, I recall the entire battle taking me over an hour and a half! But one moment in particular stands out even in that intense fight. You see, I'm one of those perfectionist gamers who can't stand to lose a single character, so at that point I had everybody still alive. About an hour into the battle, an enemy unit I had assumed was stationary began to move! He penetrated my front line and reached Gatrie, a knight whom I had pulled back from the heat of battle for healing. Gatrie was pretty slow, so the enemy was going to get two hits on him, with pretty much no chance of dodging. The first hit landed, and it was obvious that the second hit would take him out. But on Gatrie's turn, he scored a 4% critical hit! I could only watch in awe as he swung his lance around and decimated the enemy unit, thus saving me from having to reset and play the entire battle over again. The feeling I had at that moment after watching that totally intense (and totally unscripted!) moment is why I love Fire Emblem.

Eric L. of San Francisco, CA won second place with this entry:

My most intense moment would have to be Hard Mode of Path of Radiance, on the Final Chapter. Most of the opposing Daein forces had already been killed off, and there was only Ashnard left. I sent Ike in alone, not knowing of the reinforcements that would come and thinking that it would be 'appropriate' to have the final battle between the two, similar to the battle with the Black Knight. What was foolish of me was that I had sent Ike in, and recklessly attacked, not knowing how much damage would've been dealt to either person. Ashnard hit Ike, and brought him down to 7 HP. The reinforcements came, and they all targeted Ike. The first two missed, and Ike activated Aether against the next one, healing to full health. The next several had all hit (all sub 20%), and brought him down enough to get killed by Ashnard. It was an 80% chance to hit, and I was literally praying he not hit. Ashnard missed, and I then proceeded to heal Ike, and killed Ashnard. I was happy beyond words, then my friend told me that he revives himself, but now with improved stats. Ike, Jill, and Boyd were the only ones who could damage him with getting killed. With a whole lot of elixers, very cautious gameplay, and Mist with a Fortify and Physic staff, he finally fell after an hour of sweat and nervousness. Thankfully, my friend told me not to worry, and that it was over.

RPGamer would like to thank everyone that took the time to submit an entry and congratulate the two winners, both of whom will be receiving a copy of Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn courtesy of Nintendo of America.

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